Early Season Struggles for Lady Fighting Tigers

Early Season Struggles for Lady Fighting Tigers

CUTHBERT, Ga. - Third time inevitably was not a charm for the Lady Fighting Tigers as they are now 0-3 in regular season and conference play. Struggling to find their stride, Coach Hussak has pin-pointed a few target issues that are in the process of being resolved. "We surrender a lot of free kicks in our 3rd of the field and corners, which attributes to nearly half of the goals scored against. That doesn't help relieve pressure on our goal keeper and defensive players either" said Hussak. Coach Hussak contrinued on in saying, "We have been battling a lot of injuries, as every other team does, ours however are more impactful as we have a roster of 16 to begin with". Hussak is alluding to 2 major knee injuries to Buffi Tillman and Ginalore Taka. Finally, one of the most important pieces of the game has yet to come together for the Lady Fighting Tigers, "We struggling playing wholly and consistently as a team. We have moments of strength and then small lapses that other teams punish us for" described Hussak. 

On the positive end of things, the Lady Fighting Tigers battle until the last minute of each game. "I think we've been competitive in every game, leading Gordon 1-0 until the 60th minute and then a string of set pieces put us behind. As for our game against ABAC, we went stride for stride with them with the same amount of opportunities to score, our only problem was they converted 2 of theirs and we couldn't" said Hussak. "Our game against South Georgia was interesting to say the least. We allowed them to dictate the game for 14 minutes in the first half, and they punished us hard with 3 goals." Hussak went to on say "At half I challenged the girls, and they responded with offensive pressure and an easier defensive game." Playing on the positives is something Hussak wants to use as motivation going forward. The Lady Fighting Tigers will be working hard to tweak and correct holes in their game, as they move through conference play with a visit from Gordon State on September 22nd and GMC to follow on the 26th.

0-3 Record and results:

Andrew @ Gordon - (1-4 L)

Andrew @ ABAC - (0-2 L)

Andrew v. SGSC - (1-3 L)