Andrew College Athletics Shine in the Classroom

Andrew College Student/Athletes take home Academic Honors
Andrew College Student/Athletes take home Academic Honors

CUTHBERT, Ga. -- Andrew College Athletic Director Blake Williams announced today that a record number of 16 Andrew College Student/Athletes had been named to an Academic All-American Team. The two semester minimum GPA to just be named is a 3.60. Williams stated, "This is a testament to all of the faculty members, tutoring staff, support staff, and especially all the coaches staying on top of these student athletes. I thank all of you for helping these individuals achieve their goals and high academic standards."

The credentials needed to make a team are as follows:

First Team = 4.0 GPA
Second Team = 3.80-3.99
Third Team = 3.60-3.79
Below are the student/athletes and their sports:
First Team Academic All American
Megan Carlson - softball/volleyball
Megan Royals - softball
Michael Young - baseball
Justin Barr - baseball
Katie Alewine - women soccer
Second Team Academic All American
Kaylee Hughes - softball
Taylor Barnes - volleyball
Maris Guzman - volleyball
Fredrik Ackander - men soccer
Rasmus Konradsson - golf
Third Team Academic All American
Ryla Christian - softball
Rebecca Johnson - softball
LJ Bryant - baseball
Matt Holloway - baseball
Wade Law - baseball
Clint Sellars - baseball