Summer Collegiate Players

Summer Collegiate Players

CUTHBERT, Ga. – Summer time for the Fighting Tigers is not just a couple months to take some time off but it is a time of development and growth as a baseball player. Many of the Tigers players are shipping out this summer to all over the country to play in some highly competitive summer collegiate leagues to continue their development and exposure. Collegiate summer baseball leagues are amateur baseball leagues featuring players who have attended college and still have eligibility remaining. Generally, they operate from early June to late July or into early August. All of these summer collegiate leagues are wooden bat leagues and provide great experience for the players.

Head Coach Blake Williams commented, "I'm very excited for these guys to continue this summer in their development and continue to get reps on the mound and plenty more at bats. It is an important philosophy for our program to get these guys out playing during the summer to continue on what we have built throughout the year. It is a huge aspect not only to play but to be able to put plenty of time in the weight room so when they show back up in August they are ready to go. Our coaching staff did a great job of helping get these guys placed with these teams and I owe a big thank you to assistant coach Zac Cole for heading up a lot of their placement during the summer."

Stay tuned for future articles keeping updated on their progress throughout the summer. Listed below is the players, league, and team they are all playing with this summer.


Name                                    League                                                 Team

Brenton Phillips                    Perfect Game                                    Utica Blue Sox  

LJ Bryant                             Perfect Game                                    Utica Blue Sox

Chandler Griggs                   MINK                                                Chillicothe Mudcats

Wade Law                            Carolina-Virginia                               Catawba Valley Stars

Kevin Henry                         Carolina-Virginia                               Catawba Valley Stars

Clint Sellers                         Caroline-Virginia                               Catawba Valley Stars

Alex Williford                       Ohio Valley                                       Fulton Railroaders

Ryan Middleton                    Ohio Valley                                       Fulton Railroaders

Keyshaun Mays                      Ohio Valley                                       Fulton Railroaders

Omari Hunter                       Ohio Valley                                       Fulton Railroaders

Jared Cox                            Ohio Valley                                       Franklin Duelers

Joey Fletcher                       Ohio Valley                                       Franklin Duelers

Drew Rusak                         Ohio Valley                                       Franklin Duelers

Jake Edwards                       Ohio Valley                                       Muhlenburg County Stallions

Robert Malone                      Puerto Rico                                       Hurricanes

Kyle Reynolds                       Puerto Rico                                       Hurricanes

Andrew Bourque                   Puerto Rico                                       Hurricanes

Corey Coltrane                     Kansas                                              Kansas Curve

Jared Sigal                           Florida Gulf Coast                              Bradenton Juice

Reid Ragsdale                      AAU                                                  North Florida Black Sox

Griffin Long                         AAU                                                  North Florida Black Sox

Will Barry                            AAU                                                  North Florida Black Sox

Justin Barr                          Texas Collegiate                                 Victoria Generals

Ezra Brown                         Sunbelt                                              Gwinnett Tide

Rett McLeod                      Sunbelt                                              Prospect

Tyler Mckey                        South Florida                                      Boynton Beach